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Dance Classes Basildon, Laindon

For ages 3-4

As your child grows and develops, dance classes can continue to be a valuable way to promote physical activity, social interaction, and creative expression. At this age, children are refining their coordination and balance, and dance classes can help to enhance these skills through the practice of specific dance techniques and movements. 

For this age group, we offer a mixture of styles of dance including:

Ballet and Tap Classes Basildon, Laindon

Ballet & Tap

This is a popular class for preschool age, as we offer a fun and engaging way for our students to develop their coordination, musicality, and creativity. These two dance styles are taught together in a 45-minute class as they complement each other well. 

Ballet is a classical dance style that emphasises grace, pose and technique. In preschool ballet classes children are introduced to basic ballet positions, movements, and terminologies, such as plie, tendu, and releve. They learn to move gracefully and develop a sense of rhythm and musicality. 

Tap dance is a percussive dance style that involves creating rhythm and sound using metal taps on the soles of the shoes. In preschool tap our students learn to create basic rhythms and patterns through a series of steps, and combinations, such as shuffles, toe heels, stamps and stomps. 

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Acro Dance Classes Basildon, Laindon

Preschool AcroDance

This is specifically designed for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. It is a fun and engaging way for young children to develop their gross motor skills, balance, coordination and flexibility, while also introducing them to basic dance movements and techniques. 

In these classes, children are taught a range of age-appropriate acrobatic movements and dance steps, such as forward rolls, cartwheels, and jumps. We use props, music and storytelling to keep their students and interactive throughout the lesson.

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Street Dance Classes Basildon, Laindon

This is a fun and energetic dance style that introduces our students to the basic movement and techniques, such as popping, locking an breaking. These movements are set to modern music which adds to the fun and excitement of the class.

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