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Elite Dance Centre

Dance Classes Basildon, Laindon

Ages 5 +

Approximately when our students start school they will be able to move up to our more structured classes where we follow the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) syllabus in ballet, modern and tap classes. 

In these classes, students will continue to develop their coordination, musicality, and dance technique in readiness for their exams (non-compulsory).  We offer exams in Primary through to vocational levels and are so pleased with our 100% pass rate. 

Musical Theatre Classes Basildon, Laindon

Musical Theatre

Around age 4 students can join our Musical Theatre classes that introduce students to the basics of vocal exercises, dance movements and acting skills. They can express themselves through music and lyrics and develop their creativity and imagination through role-play and storytelling drama games. 

We incorporate songs from their favourite musicals and use props to help create simple theatrical experiences. 

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Modern Dance Classes Basildon, Laindon

Modern Dance

ISTD modern classes typically involve a warm-up, technique exercises, and choreography. We focus on developing strength, flexibility, and alignment. Technique exercises are designed to develop core elements of the modern style, including floor work, turns, jumps, and lifts. All the music is fun, modern music that the students will love to dance along to.

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Tap Dance Classes Basildon, Laindon

Tap Dance

ISTD tap dance classes involve creating rhythms and percussive sounds by striking the floor with your tap shoes.
The classes start from beginner (Primary) to advanced and are designed to help dancers develop their technical skills, artistry, and performance abilities. The syllabus offers a range of tap dance styles from classic Broadway tap to contemporary. Rhythm and styles.

We are so proud that we have dancers that have been trained by our fantastic tap teachers who are now representing England in TEAM GB.

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Ballet Dance Classes Basildon, Laindon

Ballet Dance

Ballet is a classical dance that is known for its elegant and graceful movements and precise technique. A typical class involves a warm-up, barre work, centre work and choreography. The dancers focus on developing strength, flexibility, and alignment. These classes are structured and offer a challenging and rewarding way to develop techniques.

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Street Dance Classes Basildon, Laindon

Street Dance

A very popular class at Elite, the street is a high-energy and highly engaging class with super fun teachers to match that energy. Students learn and develop a range of styles including house, popping, locking, breaking, commercial and many more.

The class involves a warm-up, stretching, catwalks (which they just love) and focusing on a routine which they can perfect each week.

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Acro Dance Classes Basildon, Laindon


Another popular class at Elite, with students learning and developing the basics such as cartwheels, handstands, balances etc to the move advanced students learning and developing forward and backward walkovers, ariels and tumbles. We offer classes for all abilities where our focus is to offer fun and challenging classes to develop strength, flexibility and technique exercises designed to develop core elements of Acro.

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Contemporary Dance Classes Basildon, Laindon


From around the age of 7, our students have the opportunity to try contemporary dance classes. Contemporary is a dance that combines elements of ballet, jazz, and modern dance and emphasises fluidity expression and creativity. We work on developing their understanding of contemporary dance movements, such as floor work, lifts, and turns. In choreography, students learn and perform contemporary dance routines that showcase unique movement and storytelling abilities.

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