Elite Dance Centre Timetable


Here is our timetable from September 2019 below:


James Hornsby High School
Leinster Road
SS15 5NX

    The Dance Studio

    4:30-5:00pm     Toddler Street Dance (2-4 years)
    5:15-6:00pm     Under 7’s Street Dance (5-7 years) FULL
    6:00-6:45pm     Under 7’s Street Dance (6-7 years)
    6:45-7:15pm     Under 11’s Street Dance (7-11 years)

    The Stage

    4:30-5:15pm     ISTD Primary Tap FULL
    5:15-6:00pm     ISTD Grade 2 Tap
    6:00-6:45pm     ISTD Grade 1 Tap
    6:45-7:30pm     ISTD Grade 3 Tap
    7:30-8:15pm     ISTD Grade 4 Tap
    8:15-9:00pm     ISTD Grade 5 Tap

    The Assembly Hall

    4:30-5:15pm     7-11 years Inter Acro
    5:15-5:45pm    Toddler Acro (2/12-4 years)
    6:00-6:45pm    5-8 years Acro FULL
    6:45-7:30pm    8-13 years Acro

    The Dining Hall 

    4:30-5:15pm    Under 6’s Tap & Ballet (3-6 years)
    5:15-6:00pm    ISTD Grade 4 Modern
    6:00-6:45pm    Senior Conditioning
    6:45-7:30pm    Senior Jazz
    7:30-8:15pm    ISTD Grade 5 Modern